As most people know TNA ran one of their three PPV's this past weekend when they celebrated their 13 year Anniversary with Slammiversary Live on PPV. The main event of the PPV was Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries for the TNA World Title. Eric Young retained the title after pinning Austin Aries to win the Triple Threat Cage Match. However, the announcement was made earlier this week that Eric would defending the World Title on Impact this week vs Bobby Lashley. With the fact that the show ran yesterday I am not spoiling it by saying that Bobby Lashley pinned Eric to become TNA World Champion. 

The thing I don't understand is you just a PPV the weekend prior and that Title Changes should be special or seen mostly on PPV not free TV. I am aware that TNA's buy rates aren't doing to good, but how do you expect them to get better if you give the fans the perception don't order the PPV because our title changes will happen on Impact. At least it makes some sense why Lashley went for the belt, because he wasn't pinned on Sunday, so a case could be made that he deserves another shot. It just is a poor business decision giving away a title switch like this on free television; also why even take the title off of Eric Young. Young hasn't held the title that long and even he did he deserve to hold the title for at least a decent reign for all he has for TNA and being loyal to the company for as long as he has been. Also though it made somewhat sense on a Storyline basis Bobby Lashley... Really!! Really!! They couldn't have picked someone better to win the title from Eric Young. They chose a guy who has been with the company for only a few months to win what is suppose to be their most important title. 


I think it's only a matter of time until TNA only leave two PPV's out of the year because they either can't afford it or the buy rates don't warrant having more than just two PPV's. If that does happen they can attribute it only to them doing stuff like this on free television rather than charging people to see title changes.