As any wrestling fan may know that many rumors and some truth has been surfacing about the possible sale of TNA Wrestling. Well as of this writing another name has been added to the list of possible buyers he is front man of the Smashing Pumpkins & Owner of Resistance Pro Wrestling, Billy Corgan. Billy is a long time wrestling fan and has done this with other companies in the past like ECW & AAA. Also in 2008 ROH used a Pumpkins song called Doomsday Clock in a promotional video. Billy is self-described as wrestling maniac & also appeared on Arda Ocal's radio show to discuss his love for Wrestling & the importance of unique theme songs.

I think if Billy was to purchase TNA it'd be interesting because people wouldn't know what to expect. But I think it matters who Billy surrounds himself with and if he takes what he learned with Resistance Pro and uses it with TNA. Also whomever purchases TNA will get the Carter's share of the company which is 71% the other 29% is held by Jeff Jarrett. So the only someone has full control is either buying out Jeff or Jeff buying the company.