As of this writing the news broke late last night that another top Indy wrestling star has signed with the WWE with a developmental contract. The newest signing of the WWE is the man who was at one point called "The Psycho Shooter" or "The Golden Boy" known to a lot of fans as just Drake Younger. This may surprise some people that may have heard of Drake and know that he was once a very popular "death match" wrestler well those are the people that don't that Drake left CZW and the Death Match ranks last year. Drake wanted to find a safer way to support his family and that is what he did when he left the death match world for a world more focused on just pro wrestling which can be found in PWG. Which as far as I know is one of the various promotions that Drake Younger calls home right now. Drake has won championships in basically every promotion he has been apart of CZW to IWA Mid-South. Finally from seeing him Kevin Steen's YouTube show called Kevin's Weekend Escapades, we find out just how nice, fun loving, smart that Drake is and just how much he loves pro-wrestling. I for one love this signing because I have been a fan of his for years and I know a lot of the pain and trouble he has gone through to get to this point and I couldn't be happier for him. The Independents maybe losing another talent but WWE is going both a good man & really good wrestler. Best of Luck to you Drake Younger in the WWE. Below is a moment that Drake remembered for which is when he won the CZW World Title:




Author's Note: For those who may not know Drake is not the first CZW alumni that WWE signed and even though most that know of CZW see it as a hardcore/garbage wrestling promotion. It isn't as it has some of the better young talent in the US and it also a working relationship with some companies in Japan which helps the company as well by opening up both their wrestlers and Japanese wrestler to new audiences. Last thing the first CZW alumni WWE signed that did a lot in the company was the man currently called Dean Ambrose. For those who may not have known that I hope that you keep your opinion of CZW aside if you have one and when/if Drake Younger makes it to the main roster you give him a fair chance like fans give to everyone else.