The saddest part of being a fan of this profession is having to say goodbye to our favorite legends and sometimes our favorite superstars. Over the course of the last 15 years that I have watched this sport I have seen great athletes, and tough competitors. It may surprise you but one of the toughest people I have ever seen compete in that ring is "The Great" Mae Young.

The moment that sticks out for and there were a lot of great moments that Mae had in the WWE including: giving berth to a hand, stripping at Royal Rumble 2000, Calling Team LayCool Sluts at Raw Old School, also who can forgot her cameo in the Anger Management videos with Team Hell No, & Many other great memories. One in particular sticks out for me and that is when Mae Young was power bombed through a table for the second time by the Dudleys this time off the stage. That moment showed me just tough Mae was that she at 80 years young would take a power bomb off the stage through a table. That to me showed just the type off person Mae was that she would do anything for the business if it meant helping someone.

Over the course of her 74 years in the wrestling business and being apart of WWE since 1999, Mae has influenced numerous members of the pro-wrestling business. Now that she is really gone I am sure she will me extremely missed by every member of the wrestling business that had pleasure to know her, and by every fan that had the honor to see her on WWE TV. I feel as though as a fan I lucky enough grow up watching Mae Young and I can say she was a true entertainer and their be only one Mae Young!!!!!!

Below are some videos honoring the Great Mae Young. Great wasn't just a nickname it is what she was. Rest in Peace Mae Young!! You May Now be Gone but You'll Never be Forgotten!!!! Enjoy the videos: