Even though most people nowadays may not know him they still know of the name Vachon because of his niece Luna. She was apart of the WWE during the attitude era and was married to Gangrel. But both Luna their was one and he was a Mad Dog, his name Maurice Vachon later named Mad Dog Vachon. Before his wrestling days Maurice compete in the 1948 Olympics in wrestling where he finished seventh beating the Indian Champion in 58 seconds. His exceptional wrestling ability was his downfall in his native area as a paranoid promoter refused to book him for fear he would dethrone his top draw. Mad Dog struggled to distinguish himself from the myriad of image-less grapplers during his early years grapplers during his early years. As a result, he soon took radical measures to differentiate his persona, bulking up to a more plausible 225 pounds while also shaving his head bald and growing a long goatee.

With that change Vachon would also go on to become one of the most hated & revolutionary heels of his era by actually purchasing TV time on local TV stations prior to events. He did this to distinguish himself from his fellow wrestlers and also to get himself "over" more. Which he did because he established himself as a major heel while also portraying a wrestling beast inside the ring who would freely stomp, bite, and pound his opponent into submission. Because of the gestures he did in the ring Portland Promoter Don Owen gave him the nickname of Mad Dog which stuck. Mad Dog's tendency to hurt his opponents with foreign objects, filed fingernails and teeth, and the multiple use of his signature finishing move, the Piledriver, to end matches made him notorious in the business and caused him to be banned in three U.S. states. But it also made his popularity soar among the fans.

Mad Dog would go on to become one of the top stars in the AWA, winning the World Title 5 times, and the Tag Titles a combined 5 times during his time in AWA. He would later become a fan favorite and a major draw for the WWF. Mad Dog's persona would inspire later wrestlers like: Bruiser Brody, Mark Lewin, George Steele, & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer. In 2010 Mad Dog was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Pat Patterson. Unfortunately, Mad Dog passed away today at the age of 84 years old. Though he is now gone the impact he made on fans & the industry will never be forgotten.


Thank you Mad Dog & RIP

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon