Let me just say first, I have really enjoyed working with Fan vs Fan and love having my own site and being able to share my thoughts with you guys on a larger scale. The point of this post is not just to praise the job the guys at Fan vs Fan is doing but also give you guys a heads up to what's coming. Let's get it going:

On tap in the next couple of weeks I have a bunch of interviews hopefully getting going for you guys with various independent wrestlers & hopefully with some legends. Also I will be changing it up from what I have done since arriving, I will be starting to post some slideshows. They will be having to do with various topics from the wrestling world, I will be starting with an ROH Top 5 and well so how it goes.

Thanks guys & girls for the continued support and tanks to Fan vs Fan for making me fell welcome and answering all my questions even if I may have a lot. Also to the viewers of this site feel free to post feedback or your opinion on any post I may do at anytime, I'd love to hear other opinions on what I posting.