As of this writing there is talk that numerous Independent wrestlers could be finding new homes pretty soon. Prince Devitt, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, & Roderick Strong could all be finding homes in WWE & TNA respectively. Right now WWE seems to be quite interested in the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion who is Prince Devitt. For those who have never seen the Prince in the ring you should look him up as he is one of the better wrestlers in the world today. If you don't believe me just ask anyone who he has gotten in the ring with overseas in Japan or in the UK.

With the new direction of the company and some writers having more control TNA is looking to bring in some new talents. Which is where Roddy, Davey, & Eddie come in as current TNA writer Dave Lagana has worked with the three of them in the past and pushing for them come in. The only person of those three that actually has a contract is Roddy as he is working with Ring of Honor. But Davey & Eddie's have been working on an open or appearance based contract meaning they can work anywhere they please. This is because they are not under contract to one place. Now it is not stated weather TNA will sign them to a contract or not but I think if they jump to TNA then ROH will be out of the question. That would be blow to the company losing these three talented wrestlers.


I think as a whole if these 4 guys were to be brought in two the bigger two companies it would hurt the independents & Japan for a while until they can find new faces to replace them. Which is something companies can do for only so long before they run out of new faces to replace those who left.