Now that he is free from the WWE to compete wherever he want Chris Hero is ready to return to the independent circuit. Chris's release was not a surprise to those within management as it had been planned for a couple weeks. Some fans may have seen the writing on the wall because of the run in with management that Chris had a few months ago. Which in many respects is the reason why Chris never made it to the roster and stayed down in NXT. People should understand just because Chris got let go doesn't mean the door isn't for a return in the future.

But that's behind us for now at least because tonight Chris Hero returns to the Indy circuit as a part the Dragon Gate USA show tonight. Chris is coming back in a big way challenging the Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano tonight. This match is a big deal because Chris is a threat for the title especially if he sticks around in DGUSA. It will be a really good match and I guarantee Chris may get "You still got it" chants. But then again it depends on the location of the PPV.

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