A few weeks ago former WWE Tag Team & Intercontinental Champion, First TNA World Champion, UFC Hall of Famer, & should be a future WWE & TNA Hall of Famer; Ken Shamrock spoke to the guys at WGD Weekly and now this is part two of the interview with Kenny. Steve & The Scum put forth a very insightful and interesting interview the first time and do the same this time with Shamrock's interviewed continued.

Shamrock in the interview speaks on why he believes he has been blackballed WWE, UFC, and Triple H specifically, all this and more on Part 2 of the interview. If you have never heard these guys give them a listen they are great guys, they do very insightful interviews, & they do there research and are always prepared; who knows once you listen Shamrock's interview you might be hooked: visit WGD Weekly's YouTube channel or http://www.wrestlinginc.com for more video's
I will agree with The Scum that "WGD Weekly is the sensation sweeping the wrestling radio nation baby."

Hope you guys Enjoy the Interview: