Before I get to the video let give some background about this interview and WGD Weekly as a whole. This interview is hosted by two very knowledgeable, old-school wrestling named Steve & The Scum, by far these guys are my favorite source for wrestling interviews. Also as the name entails they do weekly interviews over the phone on YouTube and they post it on I-Tunes. This interview with Fred Ottman like all of there others, this one is very in-depth going into everything that happened in Fred's career. They even go into his family tree if you don't already know what Hall of Famer is a part of his family. This is by far one of the most laid back interviews I have heard them do. Great Job by Steve & The Scum and Fred Ottman is a very relaxed & nice guy listen to interview if you don't believe me.

"WGD Weekly is by far the sensation sweeping the Wrestling Radio Nation"