It's time for another trip back into the Glory days of wrestling with the "latest sensation sweeping the wrestling radio & internet nation baby." That's right another another week means another new interview from Steve & The Scum, this week they tribute Road Warrior Hawk as the 10 year anniversary of his passing happened a few weeks ago. Another really good & unique interview from these guys as Animal discusses meeting Hawk, working with Hawk, Barry Darsow, & Rick Rude as bouncers at a bar in Minnesota. They touch on the Road Warriors stay in every company from GCW to AWA to NWA to WWE to trips to Japan. Animal also discusses working with some Japanese wrestling greats like Jumbo Tsruta, Giant Baba, Brody, Hansen, Hashimoto, any many more. Like I mentioned this interview was also to tribute Hawk, which when they did you could hear Animal getting emotional when talking about Hawk much like Paul Ellering did when he spoke of Hawk in his interview.

A little from my perspective, I think I can count on one hand the amount of people that I have never heard anyone say something bad about, one of them was Hawk. Hawk & Animal were one of if not the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling. Like many others who left us far to soon we deeply miss Hawk and can't believe he's been gone 10 years. I have got to say there are only a couple of time I will admit to getting goose bumps watching/listening to wrestling this interview gave me goose bumps. I guess what I mean to say is this interview could make anyone say "AH WHATTTA RUSSSSHHH"

Enjoy this tribute to Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand