With another week behind us we saw another good interview from Steve & The Scum this with time with emergency guest Brian Blair, who was on in place of Shane Douglas which outside circumstances prevented Douglas & the guys from doing the interview together. Blair was a really good replacement on such short notice and this interview sheds light on a wrestler that sort of fell off the side of the earth after he left WWF and many others things. Also the guys will be off for the next 2 weeks but will return with a bang as their next guest is 7 time NWA World Champion Harley Race.

Some of the topics discussed with Brian Blair:

  • Brian talks about his start in wrestling down in Florida
  • Talks about training with HIro Matsuda and some of Hiro's other students
  • Recounts working with Jesse Ventura, Bruiser Brody, David Von Erich and others
  • His Opinion on Vince Sr
  • Memories of forming the Killer Bees Tag Team with Jim Brunzell in WWF
  • Memories of working in World Class Championship Wrestling
  • Also touches on being there when Brutus Beefcake broke his face