Seeing the title of this post all must know what time it is, it's time for another interview from the folks over at WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum. This week the guys had the pleasure to interview former WWF Euro-Continental Champion D'Lo Brown. Though he might be more known now for his most stint in the TNA as a member of the Aces and Eights stable, but there was more to D'Lo then just being a glorified manager like he was in Aces and Eights. The guys touch on his entire career and we find out some very emotional & genuine memories of working some of the greats from the Attitude Era. Below are some points they cover in the Interview: 

  • D'Lo speaks on his start wrestling and how he began training at the Monster Factory 
  • They touch his start and how he got into Smokey Mountain Wrestling 
  • D'Lo recounts working with Triple H, X-Pac, Owen Hart, The Rock, Ron Simmons, etc 
  • D'Lo also recounts a the very emotional incident between him & Droz 
  • He also express his opinion on the current state of TNA Wrestling and if there are any difference between now and when the company began