After taking off last week my friends at WGD Weekly are back with not Part 2 of their interview with Dallas Page but it was also one of if not the longest interview of their's to date which is really something. During the interview they focus more on DDP's career then what DDP is doing now outside the ring with DDP Yoga. I do have to add that because of the length of interview this was by far one of the more in depth interviews the guys have done and one of my more favorite interviews. So instead of me continuing to talk let's get to some of the things they cover in the interview:


  • Page discusses starting in the AWA with Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts
  • He also briefly mentions his time as a wrestler in 1970's
  • He touches on his memories of working with Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Karl Malone, Jay Leno & others
  • Page discusses Politics in WCW and his friendship with Eric Bischoff
  • He shares his memories of watching and working with Dick Murdoch, Andre The Giant, Blackjack Mulligan, Jimmy Valiant, and others
  • Page touches on some backstage stories as well like Diamond Cutting certain NWO Members and when he dressed up like La Parka.
  • One of the last things he touches on is his take on the WWE Network and what it means for Old School Wrestling

For more information take a look at the interview below: