After a lengthy hiatus from the world of wrestling radio, my friends Steve & The Scum are back for a couple more weeks as their Second Season is slowly coming to an end with many more great interviews. Also later this year Steve & The Scum will be celebrating their one year anniversary as WGD Weekly with a very big with two big guests to celebrate with them for the show. However, their return show is big because they have with the "Leader of the Four Horsemen," the former leader of Tully Blanchard Inc., the wrestler turned manager and even for a short was promoter I am talking about the man himself "WWE Hall of Famer" James J Dillon. Now instead of both continuing to talk and continuing to sing the praise of JJ Dillon let's get to the interview:

Some points talked about:

  • Getting his break in the wrestling business 
  • Starting as a ref  
  • Working with the Funks, Haystacks Calhoun, The Shiek, Vince Sr, Giant Baba, Killer Karl Kox 
  • Starting to manage
  • His thoughts on managing Abby the Butcher, Mongolian Stomper, Moondog Maine, Ron Bass, Black Bart, Buddy Landel, etc 
  • Formation of the 4 Horsemen 
  • His thoughts on early Horsemen Feuds with Garvin Brothers, & Dusty Rhodes