Another weekend gone by and I hope some know what that means, if you don't well it means it's time for another interview by "The Hottest Sensation Sweeping the Wrestling Radio Nation" that is WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum. This week the guys are talking with wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan about his career and world travels during his time in wrestling. They begin with Kevin's start in WWF back in the 1970's and go all the way present day and they even toss in some baseball talk with the guys being Yankee fans & Kevin being a die hard Red Sox fan it's only fitting. Below is some more stuff they discuss in the interview:

  • His views on the differences between entering the wrestling industry now as oppose to when Kevin broke in
  • Recounts his memories of watching Bruno Sammartino, Ivan Koloff, Billy Graham and other legends work in the WWF when he first began in wrestling
  • He talks about how Vince Sr help him develop his booking style
  • Kevin recounts memories of working on the WCW Creative team with Jim Heard
  • Relives his feud with Brian Pillman and how much of it was a shoot
  • He explains having to work with Hulk Hogan when he first came to WCW to try and get him comfortable
  • Kevin also gives some thoughts on the final days of WCW and if in his mind the company could have been saved


Enjoy the Interview Below: