Another week gone that means another interview with a wrestler from the glory days of wrestling from my friends at WGD Weekly. Though it was short and I would have love to hear more about Jake Robert's wrestling career I am able to understand he is a busy man and we should be happy we got an interview at all. I am joking, these guys cover a lot of things a very short time which makes for a solid interview. They cover things like:

  • Jake's views on his father Grizzly Smith
  • Jake discuss some what the battle he faced with his personal demons and where some of those problems may be rooted
  • Jake speaks on booking in the GCW territory and how Jake came up with most things
  • Jake also covers his feuds with all the greats from Undertaker, Steamboat, Savage, Rude, & more


~~ Enjoy the interview with future WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts ~~