After a short break over the Holiday Season they are back, "The Latest Sensation Sweeping the Wrestling Radio Nation." Steve & The Scum after taking off for the holidays they are back with another incredible interview with the man and on of the greatest managers of all time Jim Cornette. Before I go into what was said in the interview, I just wanted to say that I like many others am very excited to see Steve & The Scum back to "Sweeping the Wrestling Radio Nation."

  • Tells Stories of Dick Murdoch, Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith
  • His view on WWE changing every ones names
  • His views on WWE Executive Kevin Dunn (Small part but it's there)
  • Working with Kane during his debut and the proceeding storyline with Kane and The Undertaker (Also Russo trying to ruin the angle which is discussed later on)
  • His views on Ex-WCW Executive Jim Heard and his "background" in the wrestling business
  • Discusses his time on the WWE Creative team with Vince Russo (Also mentions Russo's time in TNA)



With out further adieu the full interview and Enjoy: