After a little hiatus over the Thanksgiving break the guys who help keep the old days alive with there weekly interviews with the greats of wrestling's past. I am speaking of WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum, this episode is their Season Finale. They are choosing to end the season to take a break and spend time with the family during the Holiday season. But Steve & The Scum will be back January 5th with a brand new episode that you don't want to miss. But this weeks interview was with the "King of Bodda Bing, Boom, Bang!!!!!!" the former 3 time WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page. (Note: This interview is a little for the reason being Page is at a prior engagment and is taking from that to do the interview. But sometime in Season we will be treated to Part 2 with DDP)

Though they don't cover much of his wrestling career in this part some of what they do cover is below:

  • Dallas's work with Scott Hall & Jake Roberts
  • How Scott, Jake, & He all came to live together
  • What made him try yoga and how did he come up with his version of yoga
  • His take on whether Jake or Scott could be in the Royal Rumble
  • Plus Much More