With Wrestlemania around 8 days away and time winding down to do more posts about remembering some of the greatest matches in the 30 years of Wrestlemania is coming to a close once again. With that being the case I think it's only fitting that one the last posts I do about Wrestlemania prior to Wrestlemania 30 has got to be about one of the most important matches in Wrestlemania history and not only Wrestlemania history but Wrestling history. I am talking about the match that Main Evented Wrestlemania 3 in 1987 live from the Pontiac Silverdome when Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan or when the Irresistible Force met the Immovable Object. Now the attendance of that show maybe highly debated as some don't believe the announced attendance of 93,179 was the legitimate attendance for that event. But with all that aside their is no doubting the importance of the match and how it changed the business. In many ways Hogan vs Andre was the End of an Era because up to that point Andre had never been knocked down and never been beaten but Hogan beat him. This maybe Hulk even more of a star then he was and in my opinion it made Andre an Icon in the business because his back wasn't in the best shape and yet still worked and also still gave Hogan the win even though he knew what it meant. Hogan vs Andre changed the business and in my opinion was the final nail in the coffin of the Territory Era of the Wrestling business. However that doesn't changed the match, enjoy this historic match as the video is posted below: