Last week I began a unique site series where I allow the wrestling fans to use their voice and express their opinions on specific question that I posed to them. Now we move to question number two this as the series continues. Without further delay let's get to it:


What opinion do you have on the current WWE & TNA products and do you think it’s better or worse than it was a year ago?


@LevelsofWrestling: Frankly I'm one of those guys that loves the business no matter what because if there is something I don't like then I can just go watch another company. Currently I would say that WWE is marginally better than it was last year. They have a creative team that are being creative. Look at what we have recieved this year so far - Brock broke the streak, Seth Rollins turned out to be the guy to break up the Shield, Daniel Bryan finally got the push everyone ranted for, new guys are brought up from NXT and new guys are being sculpted into main event talent. To me that is significantly better than the prior year. 
TNA is also doing much better. They have strong heel characters for a change, Dixie is clearly taking a step back from TV, no bad factions, characters are being given a chance to evolve and many fans are happy with the return of the 6 sided ring. To be honest wrestling is picking up steam so far this year. I look forward to see what both companies can give us in the later half of the year. This is something we discuss quite often on #Lowdown. 


Andy: The WWE has started to slowly find the right formula, but it still has a lot of way to go, mainly in its development of these soon to be main event stars, as well as focusing on the undercard.


Bsal: ​First thing first, how you look at WWE and TNA's product is subjective and is different for everyone, so I'll just share how I see it. Personally I think WWE RAW has gotten a bit more edgy with the "PG". I mean just seeing Vicky covered in puke is a nod to the attitude era days. Last year at SummerSlam they had Brock Lesnar v CM Punk which had Lesnar beating Punk in amaxing fashion, Daniel Bryan beating John Cena, cleanly I might add, and the Shield on Pre Show???? This year the shield members will all be on the main card rightfully so, Lesnar possibly facing Cena and winning the strap and no CM Punk. Wonder what he would be doing if he hadn't have left. After WrestleMania 30 it really seems to be a young talent's WWE and it can only get better from here.....and it's pretty good so far. 
As for TNA, all I can say is they're trying. I hope they succeed because it gives us variety from WWE, but not when they're trying to do similar angles. Heel GM's and unfair bosses has been used so much in the past few years that it makes you start to miss Teddy Long and some tag team matches playa! New characters have come around, older characters have either left/got released or changed up their gimmick and the 6 sided ring is back. Now there's some different for ya TNA!



Chris: At this very moment, I am very much in love with the current WWE product. This also includes their revamped NXT show. The talent they're pumping out of NXT is amazing. What's even more amazing is the rate they're doing so. They're allowing the newer "top guys" to create an organic crowd response. (Besides Cesaro :/) With the way the WWE is going they will have their TV ratings back into the 5's.
I have not been able to keep up with TNA as much as I've liked too but I can definitely say a few things. Putting the belt on Lashley was a very good idea. Turning Jeff Hardy into Willow was absolutely imbecilic. Their blatant plagiarism of the WWE's product of the past half year or more but then again I could be wrong. I'm glad they decided to converge with Wrestle-1. I've always been a fan of the 6-sided ring but I don't know that the wrestlers have. Whether or not Dixie Carter is really the way she is portrayed, she has done an absolutely awesome job of being a heel. That's really all you can say about her. lol I still feel is was a bad idea to let AJ Styles walk. He could easily be the John Cena of TNA. By this I mean, he does not NEED the belt. All he needs is a great opponent to put over. I mean, who remembers the Triple Threat between Joe, Daniels and Styles for the belt? Absolutely insane. That match without the belt is still the same match. They lost AJ Styles for what? To give the belt to EC3? Don't do it. Anyways, this may seem more of a rant but TNA totally has me "S-A-W-F-T" 


Bryan: WWE’s product is much better than last year in my opinion. They have great feuds and have new young talent breaking through in great fashion, like Reigns, Wyatt, Ambrose etc. Also WWE has put on better matches than ever before, I mean look at how many Raw matches get this is awesome.
TNA ehh I mean like the Dixie Carter and Bully Ray character. But last year they had all there great talent such as AJ, Sting, Daniels, etc. Honestly I think TNA is dead in the water pretty much because no matter if they put on good TV or not the fan base will never be able to rise that high via the disappointment many fans have seen over the years.
Also I’d like to add that GFW will be one lucky company as they are able to get guys TNA had to let go like AJ and Daniels and now WWE are cutting costs so GFW is looking at some good established Free Agents.



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