Over the last year almost Triple H in the WWE has coined the term its “Best for Business.” In your own words what would be best for business for both WWE and TNA to do right now, to make their products better. 


BryanFor TNA, make Samoa Joe World Champion already, I mean all the fans want it and he is one of the best guys they have so….

WWE, I believe WWE needs to be maybe a little more cutting edge. Like the with the Divas Division they need to do things the fans never expected to get the division hot again.


Chris: As I mentioned earlier I am very much in love with the WWE right now. Call me a WWE fan boy all you want but without the development of the Wyatt Family, The Shield, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett and plenty of other guys, the WWE would be the same product it was about 2 years ago. Not a huge fan. To answer the question though, I would definitely like to see more Tag Teams like the "Yeah Yeah's" (When some friends and I refer to Rowan/Harper). The big athletic, grueling, raspy voiced grunts that would intimidate the hell out of you just because of their sheer size. That would definitely help in my opinion. Also, get Bo Dallas to cut down his stomach fat. lol
As for TNA, their biggest concern is getting guys over. They're still trying to ride the wave of Jeff Hardy and a few others. They need that ring general who can get them over. Teach them the business and how to become stars. They seem to be in some financial trouble at the moment so let's just hope they can keep it going before being put out of business. 


Andy: I really can't say what is "Best for Business" as I'm not in the business and don't know the intricacies of said business. Ultimately it comes down to drawing power and putting people in a position to succeed. Not everyone can be a World Champion, not everyone SHOULD. I thoroughly believe the undercard (below the IC, US, tag titles) is just as important as the World Title and even the midcard belts. I feel they've done a great job developing some of that recently, but over the past few years it's pretty much resorted to comedic filler. That isn't for everyone. The midcard, prior to the injury to Bad News Barrett was amongst the BEST thing going in WWE. He, Dolph, Ambrose, Rollins, Sheamus, Cesaro and others were putting on great matches on a consistent basis. Dolph is what he is...he's an IC title lifer, and as a Dolph fan, I couldn't be happier...he's pretty much this generations Chris Jericho...a guy that is in the midcard, but can take a jump here or there
 e, if necessary, into main event storylines and matches. The WWE has started to slowly find the right formula, but it still has a lot of way to go, mainly in its development of these soon to be main event stars, as well as focusing on the under-card.​


Bsal: I don't know how many times I'm going yo have to say it, but be different from each other. Look back at WWF, yeah the F is there, versus the NWA.....you probably thought I was going to say WCW didn't you? The WWF was know for being a lot of flash, a lot of cartoony, over the top characters with theatrics. Wrestling but with more entertainment. Then look at NWA and they were more wrestling, less flash....except Ric Flair's robe and more in sport. If you felt like watching wrestling with entertainment or wrestling with wrestling, you had your choice. So why can't WWE and TNA do the same? Find out what you and the other company isn't doing and execute it. Be different and be spontaneous with a ling term plan. Now that's Best For Business


@Levelsofwrestling: Right now launching the WWE network in Europe would be clever. They are clearly gaining less income than they imagined they would be in this first year of launch so why delay the launch of the network in the UK and Europe. The chances are the Brits will be paying more than the Americans are for this. Currently the American audience pays $9.99 and this is the equivalent to £5.82 in the UK. Assuming the Brits do pay more I imagine the starting price will be at between £10-£15 a month ($17.60 - $25.74) and this will largely increase the money that WWE gets back into the company. Another solution I'd say is that as a fan I'm willing to pay up to £20 a month. While that seems steep to many, a standard PPV in the UK is £15 so its only £5 extra. Im happy to pay the extra just knowing that I'm getting a PPV and top quality definition of older shows and new network exclusive shows like Legends House. 
TNA needs to learn to be different. An alternative to WWE. The more they try be the same the longer internet fans will complain about TNA copying WWE. Another suggestion would be to stop letting fans decide things like what ring you use. That is clearly a management decision and TNA should have known full well that 6 sides would win that vote. The reason this should have been a management decision is that the fans (average day to day fans) don't take in to consideration the well being of staff. EC3 and Austin Aries were very vocal about the damage the 6 sided ring can do to your body. And just as a fan perspective they should be focusing on the future and the X - Division. 



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