If you don’t know there is a cult of fans who use the internet to pacify their opinion on the wrestling industry. They think they know everything there is to know about wrestling: including who to push, who not to push, what Indy talent should win a title, and much more. They are often called “Keyboard Warriors” or they are also called members of the IWC. What is the most annoying thing about these internet wrestling fans?


Bryan: "They’ll always try to get someone In WWE pushed and once WWE pushes them the IWC stop rooting for him and start saying “oh this guy should be pushed now.” I think they need to shut the hell up and just watch WWE without complaining. Also the other thing that annoys me is when fans complain about the WWE product and say it needs to be more Attitude Era oriented and need less Cena, but those people still tune in every week to Raw and Smackdown."

Levels - "The internet fan is not the problem. As I said on twitter today it's those who believe themselves to be above the products "average fan" that are the annoying ones. Hell I love the IWC. By conducting this interview online we are part of the IWC. The IWC is fantastic because it literally is a brawl for all. There will be people who love your opinion and then there will be those hate it. It's also one of the strongest communities on twitter at the moment. With that said I feel that there is a select few within the IWC who are very opinionated and are not open to anyone elses opinion. These people are the problem. They complain online about the product, this spreads to other fans who think "HEY! Maybe he's right" and this then causes people to complain about a product or show. This isn't just a wrestling thing though as it happens in all fandoms. By not being open to other opinions or suggestions you shut yourself into a world that you believe is the correct one and to you it very may well be. But when it comes to knowing the product I think it's best left to those who are actually working within the creative industries to decide what they think is best. In short, if you believe your own hype you only ruin the product for yourself."

Chris: The most of annoying thing about these "Fans" is that this is basically a reflection of our own youth today. "My opinion is right, and your opinion is laughable" is just a hilarious way to live. You don't have to love my opinion so let me know. Critique my "work". Do what you need to do. Don't trash it. They're people who aren't looking for any growth within their lives. They feel they cannot be swayed because they've been given everything all their lives. This is more of a mental/society problem then it is an internet population. Learn to have discussions. Know it's okay to be wrong. Believe me, the stress you obtain is not worth it in the long run. 


Bsal: "Now the answer to this is simple, IWC members I think forget that JUST because somebody came from ROH or has wrestled for 10 years in Japan or because someone is a WWE guy, that that is what makes them deserving or not of a "push". That word gets thrown around way to much along with bury/burried. Most of the time talents are the ones that push or bury themselves while out there performing...because that's their job. Either give 100% or go down the ladder. Now sometimes backstage politics and outside antics get involved but really, that's not ALL the time. IWC members need to remember wrestling is subjective. Don't force your views onto other people and if they don't like it bash them and ridicule them. Because then nobody will enjoy the wrestling business. Oh and another thing, just sit back and enjoy it, if you know Brock Lesnar is coming back, get excited for it anyways. You're a fan, so watch like a fan. When you become a booker or promoter, then you can worry about all that stuff."   

Andy: "If you see anything a different way than theirs, you are immediately wrong. Also that Cena can do nothing right. Oh, and the fact that they all jump on a superstars jock, and ride them for months if not years, then suddenly dump them and the masses all follow. The IWC are sheep that are fed by a handful of "Shepard's"."