Have you stopped watching either of the big companies b/c of the Indy ones if so which one. And what would they have to do to win u back? 


Andy: Nope. I'm a fan of wrestling, pure wrestling, but I enjoy the entertainment aspect significantly more.


Chris: Does NXT count as an indy show? lol NXT is one of the biggest reasons why I have stopped watching TNA for reasons I have already mentioned above. Even their Divas division....YES! 


Bryan: Well if TNA counts as an Indy company than I did stop watching WWE for a while when they were 3 hours and starting watching TNA with the Aces & Eights. If that counts


Bsal: One of the coolest inventions in television is the DVR. And what makes that so cool is that if you're not home or forgrt about a show, it will record it! You can watch it anytime you want, re watch segments, fast forward thru commercials..or some Divas matches, and the shows still get their ratings. Now with this amazing invention and my busy schedule, I don't miss outnon WWE or TNA. Now for the Indy shows, I only get the local promotion Lucha Xtreme. There's your free plug Raging Bull Manny Fernandez. Now if I had access to ROH, Dragon Gate or Chikara, just to name a few, I'd do the exact same thing that I do with WWE and TNA....set the DVR. So to get right to the point, neither company has turned me off of it and no Indy show had made me watch them instead. I'm a fan of wrestling so to watch either show will entertain me. Oh by the way, I'll even put on some CMLL on sometimes.


@LevelsofWrestling: No I haven't. I think it's great that there are alternatives to the major products such as  WWE and TNA but I have never found one that makes me turn away from the main shows.





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