With the current standing of the big companies had that made you more aware of the independent circuit or less aware?



Bryan: There are Indy companies still? :) Honestly it hasn’t changed the standings of the regional companies around the U.S. and the world, There still in the same position they were in a few years ago to me.


BsalWhat I've really been aware of is how the WWE hasn't been able to produce any top teir talent that have longevity. Let's look at a few names over the past few years who might have been. First off, the TNA WORLD CHAMP..Bobby Lashley. Remember when Undertaker had to choose who to fight at WrestleMania 23? Either Heavyweight Champ Batista, WWE Champ John Cena or ECW Champ Bobby Lashley. He lined those 3 men up and would have had an amazing match with any of them. Imagine the rub Lashley would've had by working with Taker, maybe he would've stuck around instead of trying out MMA. Next is John Morrison, what an amazing athlete this guy was. I remember going to live shows and seeing how ripped this guy was and seeing the girls just drool over themselves. Market him so the ladies love him and the guys hate him because they will never look like that. A little Rick Rude-esk. Shelton Benjamin! Dammit this guy held the IC belt so many times and could have been a great representative for the black community along with Bobby Lashley. Why not target all demographics? They did it with Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for the Latinos. Edge and Chris Jericho for Canadians. Muhammad Hassan.......oh wait..nevermind. And need I say anything for the Divas division? TNA has that part right. Time will tell how this new crop of talent goes into the future.


@LevelsofWrestling:   I always knew there was a smaller set of shows and that obviously wrestlers had to practice and work other places before being called to WWE but I think since I began talking to others online and looking into the history of wrestlers I have definitely seen how broad the indies actually are. Like when I first started watching wrestling I had no idea what Smokey Mountain Wrestling was or even what the territories were but now that I looked up the guys I was seeing in WWE and WCW I kinda found this whole other world to wrestling. So I suppose in some ways you could say that the bigger companies caused me to look for smaller companies in a knock on effect. 


AndyNo different. I know of some of the big names on the indy scene, and will frequent ROH highlights occasionally, but I'm mostly a WWE guy, and no, not your brainwashed guy. I have limited time to watch wrestling, and if I am, I want to be entertained.​


Chris: Definitely more aware. You see these new guys making debuts and just wonder who they are. What they've done. What was their name before? You hear the news about a certain name being discussed to sign with a certain company and you're going through hours upon hours of youtube matches from that certain promotion. From a regular wrestling fan who is unaware of the other promotions, I can see them not being able to become aware of the Indy circuit. 




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