Over the course of wrestling history various superstars have been guest stars on a large number of different television shows and sometimes the wrestlers even have more then just a guest appearance of the show sort of like Vader on Boy Meets World. Now we I would like to take a different approach and for the first time not do a guest star on an episode of Boy Meets World but instead talk about when The Rock guest started on That 70's Show in February 1999. Below is a short summary of the episode: 

"Red was excessively strict again with Eric for being late to return library books and furious about a single 'No', but the threat of Kitty nagging constantly forces him to try 'becoming friends' so Red joins the boys -still soon taking the wheel himself- who go to a weird wrestling show in Kanosha, two huge stars against a swarm of midgets. After the show, Red ignores the 'wrestler only' sign on the locker-room and takes Eric along getting an autograph." (Source: Imdb.com