While watching television this morning I thought of a new post series I could do, it involves taking a look at appearance that certain wrestlers have made on television shows and in movies over the years. I will attempted to get videos of the appearances for any of them I can but if the videos aren't accessible then I will just put in a picture like I did for this one displaying his appearance on the show.

For this post we will outlook Leon White's appearance in the television show Boy Meets World as the father of misunderstood/bully Frankie Stecchino 1996 his name was Frankie Stecchino Sr. Vader played the father who disapproved of his son Frankie's bullying ways and wanted him to be more like main characters Corey and Shawn, also in his first appearance on the show he played the father that didn't pay attention to his son because his son didn't want to be like him. Vader's first of three appearance on the show took place in the episode 16 Candles & Four-Hundred Pound Men. Short summary is Frankie seeks help from Shawn & Corey to be at ringside and manage Vader during his match with Jake Roberts at a WWF House Show in November of 1996. Also prior to the start of the match Brother Love who was the ring announcers states the winner would get a shot at Shawn Michaels in MSG. As many people know the story Vader was suppose to fight Shawn for the belt and win the title but because of an incident at a prior ppv plan changed. Well I hope you all enjoyed this new post series, I hope to see this succeeded so I can do it again but if not this was just a one shot deal.