It's that time of year again, when the new WWE game information begins to come out as the release for the next installment of the yearly WWE games arrive. Though this year's game is the first year in about 15 years that WWE games isn't under the banner of THQ and is being developed by a different company. This year's game has all the makings of being something better then what we have seen over the past few years from THQ. Also I just want to clarify that though it may have been WWE2k14 the game was still made mostly by THQ before the company was bought out by 2K Interactive/Take Two. Now on to the videos:


2K Showcase Rivalries Announced, CM Punk & HBK Confirmed!

92 Roster Slots, Children In The Crowd, Justin Roberts & Timekeeper at Ringside!

WWE 2K15: New Tired Moves, Stamina System Details & More!