I was web searching and came across a list of potential WWE DVD's that could be coming out, I would be assuming over the of the next year or so. The list of potential DVD's is below but I just wanted to talk quick about two of the possible DVD's. First a rumored DVD is a roast of certain talent, this would totally be a great concept for a DVD as long as it's not PG rated, because I feel it would limit roasters from being totally honest and having the freedom to say what they want. The other DVD that caught my attention was Rick Rude's Greatest Matches DVD, I think that is a great idea for DVD. I hope Rick Rude would just be the start of WWE doing DVD's on legends from the past because not only they have no reason not to, but also it would allow the younger fans to get know talent that isn't with us anymore. 

Below is the list of Potential DVD's: (Not Confirmed list in Anyway)

* Daniel Bryan’s Match Compilation
* ECW Unreleased Volume 3
* Warrior Documentary
* JBL Match Compilation
* Cesaro’s Match Compilation
* Rick Rude’s Greatest Matches
* John Cena Roast
* Chris Jericho Roast
* Hulk Hogan Roast
* Steve Austin Roast
* Ric Flair Roast
* Best of the United States Title
* Very Best of Nitro Volume 3