Since his departure from the WWE back in 2005, Chris Jericho has been one of the more unique WWE Superstars on the roster. This is because when he returned in 2007 after leaving in 2005, Chris became sort of a part-time wrestler. He has done this return & leave thing on and off since then most recently back in July of this year Jericho was written off TV by an attack from Ryback.Jericho has been coming back and leaving, since 2005 so he is able to pursue other ventures like touring with his band Fozzy, Hosting television shows, acting, competing in Dancing with the Stars a couple of years ago. Also over the course of this time I believe Chris has written one autobiography and has started writing another Autobiography.  

As of this writing and after Chris posted this message on twitter "Ok guys here's the deal...Im not coming back anytime soon next year!  No secrets, no shenanigans, no plans. Sorry!! I still love you tho..." It is unknown when Jericho will be back in the WWE and also shows that is is unlikely that Y2J will be back prior to Wrestlemania. The only I want to add about this is that I know Chris's job right now has been to make the young talent look better, but I think he deserves one more run with World title prior to him retiring as a thank you.