As of this writing the it seems like the longest reining WWE Divas champion AJ Lee will continue her run as champion. It broke a few days ago that originally a plan was in place for Naomi aka Trinity from Total Divas was going to beat AJ at Wrestlemania this year. But unfortunately Naomi suffered an injury which will require surgery to fix and plans have been pushed off. Now I don't know if this means that Naomi will not win the title now because of the unfortunate injury but it does mean that AJ will be holding on to the title for the time being. Also I feel I should mention that I also don't know if this means AJ will still be losing the title at Wrestlemania or even defending the title at Mania for that matter I think it depends if creative finds someone they like more then or her or they just wait till Naomi comes back.


I for one love the turn the Divas Division has taken over the last year as they have brought back from meaning nothing to mean a lot more then it did at one point. I say that most of the credit lies with AJ but also the credit could go to the ladies of Total Divas and the success the show has seen since the start of the show. I think they should hold off dropping the belt because Naomi deserves it and I think it'd be a good way to bring her back from the injury. Next thing WWE should do is start giving the divas matches more time to let the women show they are athletes to and not just a pretty face.