With the WWE Network taking like I am sure WWE management had hope it would, this making what was once a big for pro-wrestling suffer because it seems like it is being replaced. Compared some other things in the wrestling business the idea of the PPV isn't even 30 years old as PPV's began to pop up around the mid to late 1980's. However, the idea of a major or big show being to draw big gates and a lot of fans has always been around in the wrestling business it just wasn't always called a PPV as it used to be referred to as just a big event. But now that all the PPV's will be available for cheaper on the WWE Network most PPV companies have dropped or thought about dropping WWE from their PPV stations. If that happens it would hurt WWE because those people who may not have the Network because they prefer watching it PPV on TV rather then on a separate electronic device, because if it ain't on PPV and they don't have the work they can't watch the PPV's. 

In my opinion: I think that WWE could have moved some Pay-Per Views to the Network and kept some on the PPV stations because it shouldn't seem like your ostracizing any fans at all. For the reason being that if it seems like your leaving them out odds are you will lose them as fans or the other likely possibility would  be them buying the Network. But WWE should factor in the people who don't have it and make sure even if it is just a minority of their audience either way is it worth losing any portion of the fans just because it's "cheaper" to do in house. I think they could have just had the historical footage and the replays of past Smackdown's & Raw's and if they want to add on some PPV's don't do it right away because it could hurt them in the long run. The last thing I will add is that this is the end of an era because it seems like the TV PPV Industry is slowly dying with the help of wrestling seemingly leaving the industry.