First let's clear something up Ezekiel Jackson still does work for WWE even though it's been an incredible long time since he has step in the ring for them. Most recently he had hernia surgery to repair two hernia's in his back and that was about two weeks ago that the surgery took place. At last word everything seemed to be good with Big Zeke after the surgery but to add I think we have heard that before. A time table for Zeke's return to WWE TV has not been disclosed the only thing that has is that he is recovering from the surgery as of right now.

For those who may not know back in 2010 after ECW ended, it was said that Jackson was to be given a push by WWE management. Sadly things outside the control of WWE and Zeke put those plans on hold for a while. If my memory serves me correct it's been 3 years since Zeke step in the ring for the WWE. Saying he will have ring is an understatement but I do have to say if he ever comes back I for one will be happy to see him. Also to my knowledge Jackson's status with WWE is that he isn't in jeopardy of being let go anytime soon.