It's that time of year again when more legends are recognized by the WWE as better then everyone else. Since 2004 WWE has began to inducted talent into their Hall of Fame again after stopping in 1996. Originally the Hall of Fame was made as a way to tribute Andre The Giant who just passed away. But since most people know that the only way you usually get in is being on good terms with Vince. If you don't see that think about why certain people like Warrior, Randy Savage, or until last year Bruno, because they weren't on good terms with Vince. Now in my opinion how does the Hall of Fame begin to be credible well it's simple since you can't take out certain people that are already in it. I will not be naming names i just think the only reason certain people are in is because they are on good terms with Vince. Though a lot people know that Ultimate Warrior will go in the Hall this year and this year is the start in my book. I think we could also see very deserving people go in this but one of them will not be Randy Savage. That however is a topic I will save for another post so I am able to elaborate on it. I do think that people could be surprised by some that are inducted this year. Also if matches will begin to be inducted I think that makes opens WWE up for a lot more possible inductees.