"On last night’s Raw, WWE kept pushing the $9.99 price throughout the show. They were trying to get 9.99 to trend during Raw.
WWE is mad at the subscription numbers for the WWE Network. They are also mad at the fans that haven’t subscribed. The constant references to $9.99 a month is kind of strange since they will be introducing a $19.99 per month plan and they will also be billing subscribers all at once instead of the current $9.99 price plan with a six month commitment. Essentially, the 6 month commitment has blown up in their face since so many people have figured out how to cancel before the 6 months were over."

Though this Network is a good investment, I am not sure how good an investment it will be when they raise the price to 20.00 instead of 9.99 a month for 6 months. Also I don't think it is that smart on WWE's part to not only get mad at the people who haven't subscribed, but also to try and force the cheapness of the Network down our throats by repeating it 25 times on Raw doesn't mean people will buy the Network. I mean it's sad that the only reason WWE is doing the price raise is because they want to make some more money back from what they are projected to lose on the Network. If I remember a break even point for the WWE Network was 1.4-1.5 million subscribers and I believe currently they are at around 600,000 Subscribers. Depending on when the price increase comes it could and likely will negatively affect their overall subscriber levels, even when they go international with the Network which is something they have yet to do. Though I don't see them ending the Network after all the time and money they invested into it, I think their comes a time when Vince needs to admit that like the XFL he might have made a mistake with the WWE Network, maybe not as bad but still a mistake.

In my book the raise will up the money made from the Network but I think it will also drop not only the potential subscribers but current subscribers. Because not everyone has the luxury to spend 20.00 a month on the Network. Which is something that the WWE should take into account before the enacting the price raise for the Network. But that is just my opinion. 

Source: http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-is-mad-at-fans-that-havent-subscribed-to-the-wwe-network/#ixzz39Z1xMX00