"Meanwhile, Triple H has been angry with the WWE universe as F4WOnline are reporting in this week’s newsletter that Hunter has been upset with fans not subscribing to the WWE Network with the idea that fans are cheap."


I am going to keep this short because I don't have much to say about this, because I am one of the people that Triple H is talking about. However, I don't think the way to get more people to subscribe is by saying they are cheap for not subscribing already. Also if they are mad at the people who haven't subscribe yet then why would they be thinking about raising the price of the Network so even less people would be able to afford then now. This whole situation really doesn't make sense to me, because if they thought that the Network would present this much trouble they should have questioned if making the Network was really a good idea. I also think that Hunter really just needs to relax and not stay so fixated on if his fan base is cheap or not. 


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