As most of you probably know by now The Shield has began to go there separate ways starting with the big ending on RAW last night which saw one of the members turn on the other two and become the newest member of Evolution. The Shield member that joined Evolution was Seth Rollins, the same guy who did an incredible dive on the men he now calls his stable mates less then 24 hours prior. Turning Seth Rollins caught everyone by surprise because he doesn't seem like a natural heel but then again if your going to learn how to be a "heel" not many people better to teach your then Triple H & Randy Orton. I have had almost 24 hours to think about what to say but I am still at a loss for words, I can honestly admit that I have never been this surprised by the ending of a RAW show in a very long time. 


When people would say every member of The Shield could be World Champion one day, they aren't kidding each member of that faction has what it takes to be on top on the WWE one day. Maybe just maybe Seth Rollins could be the first person from the group to reach that plateau, then again it seems only a matter of time before Reigns gets in the World Title picture. All I can say about Rollins joining Evolution is that everything will become more clear next Monday Night Raw when they explain why Rollins joined, we all will just have to wait and tune in. Below is a video of Rollins turning on The Shield if you missed it Live: