As of this writing numerous top WWE stars contracts are set to expire in the coming months and it seems none of these superstars will be signing a new deal when their current one expires. The amount of top stars contracts that are up is three the guys names are Christian, Alberto Del Rio, & Rey Mysterio. Now below I will take a short at the career the guys have had in WWE and why they may not be coming back when the contracts expire.

Alberto Del Rio- Well Del Rio is one of the three that he is choosing as of right now to likely not renew his contract when it expires with the WWE. The reason why he doesn't want to sign back is simple he is frustrated that as a former World Champion he is just being fed to Batista instead of having a real feud. But from creative's point of view they don't want to invest a lot in him because of all his talk about retirement & his age. Now let's take quick look at Alberto's WWE Tenure, he debuted in June 2010 and has won the WWE Title 2 times and he had won the World Title twice as well, also he won the 2011 Royal Rumble. Alberto has accomplished a lot in a short time and this is after having a very successful career in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr.

Christian- He has almost spent his entire career in the WWE outside of a few years in TNA where he won the NWA World Title on 2 occasions. Now Christian is an interest subject because a lot of fans like Christian but he has been injured a lot over the last few years and maybe it's time for him to seek a lighter schedule anyway. The amount of title Christian has won while in WWE is so many that it would take to long to list them all. I also think that maybe leaving WWE might be the best thing for Christian career at this point. So he might be able to have "One More Match" in another company.

Rey Mysterio- Like I mentioned with Del Rio being one of the three that is not sign back well that is not the case with Mysterio, as it seems that WWE management has finally had enough of the injury prone luchador and is willing to part ways. The part that might save Rey is that he is a top merchandise seller with the company and they may chose to keep him around, but depends on if they can put up with the injuries. Rey has been with WWE since 2003 but over the last couple of years Rey's high risk style has really caught up with him and has kept him on the shelf for a good amount of time over the last couple of years. I think like Christian finding somewhere that has a lighter work load for him might be good especially if he doesn't want to stop wrestling if he gets let go by WWE.

Long story short I think in the long if these talents will be better served if they left or were let go by WWE either because maybe a lighter work load would be good for them or that they are thinking about retirement or even in one they have had bad attitude since they came to the company and most might be happy to see him leave. Either way in my honest opinion I think mutually if these talents were let go it would and it could work out well for all parties involved.