I told you I wouldn’t actually be watching WWE Over The Limit last night, and I didn’t. Instead I sat on my couch and cried like a little girl at the series finale of LOST. But, from what I’ve heard, I didn’t miss much. Last night’s PPV sounded like a big ol’ uneventful mess from start to finish. Here’s what happened:


Intercontinental Championship 

Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Kofi Kingston

This was a short and quick opener. Kofi picked up the win to regain the title. The most surprising thing coming out of this match was that Kofi actually won using the S.O.S! (Which is a much cooler finisher than the Trouble in Paradise). After the match, Matt Hardy appeared to give a post-match beating to the now ex-champ, McIntyre. I’ve never been the biggest Hardy Boyz fan, and I especially don’t like Matt now in his blubbery/balding/mid-thirties-but-still-acting-19 incarnation. This feud doesn’t intrigue me at all.

Winner: New IC Champion – Kofi Kingston



Ted DiBiase vs. R-Truth

This match featured the night’s first injury, as apparently Lil’ DiBiase suffered a concussion. Also, Virgil made his return to Pay-Per-View. I predicted that DiBiase would take the W in this match, especially with it being his PPV singles debut, but I guess WWE isn’t totally sold on him just yet. Truth got the win which probably means that this feud will continue for a few more weeks.

Winner: R-Truth



S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

This was the third PPV in a row that these two fought, and this time the stipulation was a combination of the previous two match stips. I had a hunch that Rey would get the win, leading to Punk losing his hair. As entertaining as it would have been, putting Rey in the Straight Edge Society just would have dragged this feud out one month too long. I’m glad to see it come to an end and I enjoyed it while it lasted. This match also served to set up Punk’s next feud against…Kane? Post-match Rey was getting beat by the S.E.S. when The Big Red Monster came to his rescue. Wasn’t Kane literally trying to kill Mysterio two years ago? Now he wants to save him? I like Kane as a performer, but his character has been so depleted over the years that a feud with him these days feels like a step down for a main eventer, especially one like CM Punk.

Winner: Rey Mysterio – CM Punk got his head shaved



Unified WWE Tag Team Championship

The Hart Dynasty (C) vs. The Miz and Chris Jericho

I’m glad I got this one wrong. Hopefully now that they’ve lost their title shot, Miz and Jericho can move on to more important singles feuds. This also helped to solidify the Hart Dynasty as WWE’s top team at the moment. I’m a big fan of the Hart Dynasty and, I’m loving seeing them get this push. Hopefully it can lead to some worthwhile tag feuds, especially on Smackdown! with the recent arrivals of the Dudebusters and Hawkins/Archer.

Winners: Still Tag Team Champions – The Hart Dynasty


Randy Orton vs. Edge

This was the match that, I believe, people were most excited about. Unfortunately it ended early in a double countout due to an apparent shoulder separation to Randy Orton. Here’s hoping they can find a way to keep him on TV, but out of the ring, for the next few weeks. This feud hasn’t even scratched the surface of its potential yet. I can’t wait to see it play out properly over the next few months.

Both Men Counted Out


World Heavyweight Championship

Jack Swagger (C) vs. The Big Show

I didn’t expect this match to be pretty and it doesn’t sound like it was. I just can’t imagine these guys having a very good match together. I knew going into it that Swagger would retain the title, but I was really hoping that he would do so in a way that would put closure to this feud. Unfortunately he intentionally got himself DQ’d, which means that this story will continue for at least another month.

Winner by DQ: The Big Show – Jack Swagger is still the World Heavyweight Champion


WWE Divas Championship

Eve Torres (C) vs. Maryse

I was wrong in my pick. Eve kept the belt. I don’t care.

Winner: Still Champion – Eve Torres


WWE Championship I Quit Match

John Cena (C) vs. Batista

Just like the other title match, I got the winner right, but not the way he won. After a hard-fought battle (which apparently featured some attempted vehicular homicide by Dave Batista), John Cena was able to drive Big Dave to utter those fateful two words, lest he be Attitude Adjusted through a stage. Batista quit, Cena slammed him anyway. Afterward, Sheamus attacked the champ, leading us straight into their feud.

Winner: Still Champion – John Cena


Final thoughts on WWE Over The Limit: I’m not sad I missed it. LOST was amazing. I made the right choice. My one major irk coming out of this show though, is also a critique of the Theme PPV concept as a whole. This show set up Cena/Sheamus as the new top feud on RAW, but the next PPV is Fatal 4-Way. So now WWE will be forced to water-down this new, red-hot feud just because they had a bad idea a year ago. In the words of one of my childhood idols: No sir, I don’t like it.