Since last August a heel stable has been ruling RAW and I am not talking about The Shield, Wyatt Family, or even Evolution. The stable I am talking about has lost of all of it's members except a couple that stable is "The Authority" with Stephanie & Triple H leading the charge. Now I do admit in my book the WWE television as whole has gotten a lot better since last August but it still has a little more ground to make up before it gets really interesting but at least they on the right track. Well, long story short Brad Maddox was "fired" last Monday from his job as GM of Monday Night RAW and a replacement has yet to be announced as of right now. 

Since 2002 when Eric Bischoff was GM of RAW and Stephanie was the GM of Smackdown the WWE has always had that Authority figure on the television show. But right now what I am thinking is that maybe with Triple H & Stephanie always on RAW every week maybe not naming a new RAW GM for a few months wouldn't be a bad idea. Because, why have 3 different Authority figures on one show unless they are wrapped up in some sort of feud with each other. Even two of the authority figures could be a feud together three don't have to be but it shouldn't be like it was with Brad being the weak GM whose wrapped around Hunter & Steph's little figures. If WWE is to name a new RAW GM it should be a face like Hogan, or something and not a heel because they already have Triple H and Stephanie as the heel Authority figures. Also they could just not name a GM for a few months have it be like they are going away from the idea and have Triple H & Stephanie just run the show instead of a GM. Either way I think could work and in my book having Triple & Stephanie run it would be better, because it would give the fans a break from seeing a GM who does nothing and just has the title of "GM."