Over the course of the last two years or so that Sin Cara has been with WWE nothing has really gone his way. From several injuries, to in-ring problems to a Wellness Policy violation so things have really the once top Mexican stars way in WWE. This is why when his contract expires which it is rumored to be ending on January 10th of next year, odds are he will not be back. So does this mean the end of Sin Cara in the WWE, no actually not at all I think it's more of a new start for another talent. As you may have noticed over the last few weeks Sin Cara has been better in the ring and has a semi-new look with a new tattoo, that's because it's a new guy under the mask. It is the superstar formerly known as Hunico and also Sin Cara Azul before he went back to NXT over the summer.

To clear things up Sin Cara will be staying around but with someone new under the mask sort of like TNA did with Suicide switching both Kaz & Daniels in and out from under the mask. The only thing is Hunico who also was once known as Incognito in Mexico will be replacing Mistico under the Sin Cara mask. Also as of right now all signs point to Mistico getting let go when his current contract expires early next year. I think this is good because in my opinion they should have let Mistico go a while ago, because things just never worked out but now it gives someone new the opportunity to shine, and get a chance to show Sin Cara gimmick wasn't a total failure. The reason why they are keeping Sin Cara around is because his merchandise is selling like hot cakes right now which is good for Hunico also. I also think it will be good for Mistico in the long run also because this means he can go back to Mexico.