As many of you by now WWE finally did their yearly Spring Cleaning something that they have done without over the last few years because of the fact they change their policy just letting the contract expire instead. However, something must have changed within WWE brass because a mass exodus of talent took place today as the total number talent let go today is 11 total employee are unemployed as of today. Some of the termination are listed below, some might surprise you if you don't already know about them and others may not surprise you. 

  • Brodus Clay
  • Curt Hawkins 
  • Teddy Long 
  • Drew McIntyre 
  • Jinder Mahal 
  • JTG 
  • Aksana 
  • Evan Bourne 
  • Yoshi Tatsu 
  • Camacho 
  • Ref Marc Harris 


I would like to wish all of these guys the best of luck in whatever they do and I hope they understand even though things may not have worked in WWE, it doesn't mean their career is over. I also believe that certain other people from within WWE should've also gotten the boot not because I don't like them but because they deserve a fresh start which seem like something they won't get in WWE.