As of this writing it seems as though the future of WWE programing on it's current television stations is still up in the air, because with WWE's current contract expiring they either need to renew with NBC or find a new home for their television shows. Now I am aware this has been going on for a while now yet I have kept very silent about this subject on WWE status on not only USA Network but SY-Fy as well, that is only because I really didn't know much information about the subject. But now I have found out that WWE has had talks with ESPN, AMC Networks, Viacomn Inc, Time Warner, and 21st century Fox to bring their shows to those companies.

First in the least likely cases which are ESPN & Time Warner, well right off the bat I can say that ESPN has said they aren't interested in WWE programing. However, Time Warner hasn't ruled out WWE possibly going to a Time Warner owned network. If the WWE did go to a Time Warner Network it would most likely be either TBS or TNT, for what it's worth another wrestling approached Time Warner about a deal and were that they had no interest in Wrestling. However in the WWE's case it is different as they are on a different level compared to other wrestling companies. The talks with 21st Century Fox would likely see WWE end up on Fox Sport 1 in an attempt to help grow the new channel, this would be the first time since that WWE & UFC would both be on the same channel since both companies had programing on Spike TV back in the mid 2000's. I think the deal with Fox might be the least likely one because of the fact that I don't think both RAW & Smackdown may be able to find a home with the station because of all the UFC programming Fox they may not want more.

Probably the most interesting possibility for WWE Television to find a home is AMC Networks or the network that is responsible for the very successful series Breaking Bad & Walking Dead. Both of those series have done so well that it has put the TV network on the radar to get other established and very successful cable juggernauts like the WWE have become. In the case of Viacom which could do the most to change the wresting business because if WWE signs with Viacom they would end on Spike TV which could in turn mean the end for TNA on Spike. You guessed it the WWE's contract talks are holding up TNA's contract talks as both companies TV contracts expire around the same time so this could be interesting. At the most recent word it seems like we will find out the future of WWE programing "in the early part of May or end of April" as stated by CFO George Barrios.


With all this added to the talks and the rumors about where WWE will end up once their current deals are up with NBC Universal and now factor in the issues WWE signing with a company could cause for TNA namely if WWE is to sign on with Viacom Inc. Given all of the possibilities of where WWE may end up once their current contract for RAW & Smackdown are up it is difficult for me to even take a guess as to where WWE will end up because they have the power and the name value to really go anywhere they want. One of the things I can say is that no matter where WWE ends up, I can't see people relaxing in TNA until WWE signs a contract with someone other then Viacom.  But for right now it's just the waiting game because we still have a month or so before we are likely to hear a decision as to where WWE will be going.