Over the last nine years and how much heat that she has gotten during her time in time, she will no doubt go down as one of the best heels in recent memory. I also never thought that I would ever here myself say Thank You Vickie. Since her first appearance in the WWE back at the tail end of 2005 Vickie has always had an eye for controversy from her part in the Eddie vs Rey feud for Dominic to her feud with Santina Marella, to her "bringing Back" Undertaker to feud with Edge, and so much more. Over the last nine years Vickie has created so many great memories as a part of the WWE. Also the most important thing was that was keeping the Guerrero Legacy alive and certainly did it proud from the work she did with the company. 


I hope for the WWE sake that this it just a short hiatus for Vickie and not a permanent leave because it will leave a gapping whole in the heel roster which will be hard to fill. Because anytime Vickie would come out no matter where the WWE was she always was over the with the fans, which is a gift that only certain people poses. Then again I guess it may run in the family because her husband had the same talent. But either way if it's permanent or not, I think all of can agree that Vickie was a great heel and will be missed by the fans, because whether you liked or you hated her you had to respect her ability to get over and get everyone to hate her so much. 


Thank You Vickie for the Memories.