In recent months the WWE has been snatching up numerous top independent and international superstars to come to join the WWE under developmental contracts with the company. Over the last few months we have seen Drake Younger, & Kenta have both signed developmental contacts with the WWE. Now it seems to be academic that..... Kevin Steen could be joining this new list of "recruits" for the performance center. For those who may not know Kevin was actually one of many current top Indy stars whom were apart of the most recent WWE tryout held in Florida a few months back. Like a few other people that were at the tryout Kevin must have impressed those who were running the tryout with what he can bring to the table and that's why him signing with WWE seems to be evident. 

Now I know there are some people who may think that this is horrible and that WWE will change Kevin Steen into something totally different then what he is now, but there are two problems with that logic; first is that Kevin hasn't signed with the WWE just yet now it does seem like he will but he hasn't just yet. The other issue with taking that logic is Kevin has a family and just expanded his family adding another child to the mix let's say a few months ago, so Kevin has to do what's best for his family and going to WWE the best idea. Well I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I won't miss seeing Kevin at ROH shows and other Independent Wrestling shows but once again going to be WWE is great move to support his family and that is the most important thing to look out for within any business. If in fact Kevin is destined to sign with WWE I look forward to watching Kevin every Monday Night on RAW.