Ok well, most of you probably either know by now or are about to find out that the Brock Lesnar broke The Streak last night at Wrestlemania 30 when he defeated the Undertaker. Brock became the first person in history to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and it was to the disappointment of most fans on the internet, with everyone thinking why Brock. First of all for the last 3 or 4 years at least not only has been up to Undertaker if he came back but it was up to Undertaker to chose if he won or lost in the match the writers and Vince had no say the matter and it was all Undertaker. Apparently as it came out earlier today that it was almost decided a few years ago that Undertaker wanted Brock Lesnar to end the Streak so this had been building for a few years now. Like I said with Daniel Bryan, don't look at the glass half empty with Brock win try thinking of it as the start a new era and that the WWE just established a new top heel just in one match.


I just wanted to add some of my feelings about the match, first I didn't watch it live or on "PPV" I read through the results and I have to say I was shocked when I saw Brock beat Undertaker. However, I knew right their that this must be it for the Undertaker and he wanted to retire without The Streak intact and also it was all up to Undertaker, if he lost at Mania it wasn't someone that told him we want to something big with Brock and it will start with him beating you at Wrestlemania. It was all Undertaker's idea and I have to say that just shows how much of a classy guy Taker is and it didn't matter who beat The Streak for me if someone did my first thought is that Undertaker is a classy guy. Undertaker gave everything he had to wrestling, and it has shown the last two years at Wrestlemania but now what happens next is what we have to wait and find out. In closing if Undertaker is really done then their will never be another Undertaker ever again, he is one of if not the greatest of all time. He is not only the Greatest Gimmick Wrestler of All Time but he is of one if not the least selfish person in a business full of people who are mostly out for themselves and personal gain. In the end Undertaker was and will always be "Best for Business."  


Thank You Undertaker for all you have done for the WWE, the fans, and the Wrestling industry as whole. Very few people are first ballot Hall of Famer's but  I don't think anyone is more deserving then you Deadman. You have always been one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE and you now always be one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Happy Retirement Undertaker you deserve it very much and enjoy being a dad.