For those who may not know back in August WWE held a big tryout were 30 plus people were there including major names from the Indy circuit. The names include Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, & former TNA star Joey Ryan. To my knowledge Richards & Edwards were the standouts of the camp, and are projected to possibly receive a contract by the end of the year. As of this writing the Wolves are the two I am aware of that are possibly going to get signed by WWE but it's all up to Triple H who has the final decision in the matter.

All three of the wrestlers mentioned above are at this point more so veterans of the Indy circuit or have a accomplished enough were WWE is taking notice. I mean who am I to not want things to work out for these guys I do partly, because they really have nothing left to prove on the Independents, & the other is I would WWE would put Eddie & Davey in the Tag division. But right now it's speculation I kind of hope more come of this then just them staying on the circuit I hope they get signed to be honest. Because I think Eddie, Davey, & Joey could really help WWE in more ways then one.