As of this writing it is being said that at the Elimination Chamber PPV WWE maybe holding another Unification Match this time with the Mid-Card titles. But Unification isn't the answer in my mind because it will do more to hurt an already weak Mid-Card in WWE then it will help them. Also there is absolutely NO build up to the match, I know the match if it happens would happen in a month but still that's not an ample amount of time to build up a Unification match.

I do know the titles mean little to nothing but the way to make them mean more isn't not by getting rid of one of them to start they could make the matches mean more by building title match up better. Also actually making the title be on the line would also help the title mean something because tell me the last time Dean Ambrose defended the US Title. Just because he means something doesn't mean that the title means something by association. In my book it would not be to hard to make the US title mean something because of how good a wrestler Ambrose is and how over he is also. I just think in Big E's case he is more of a project and his push possibility could be exactly what the IC title needs. But like I mentioned a unification match would hurt more then help the already weak Mid-Card in WWE. That is because it would give talent one less title to challenge for and a lot of people would get a smaller payday because of it.

Back in the 1990's WWE had a smaller roster so having just one mid-card title work but as their roster expanded so did their championship belts. Now the roster they have is a lot bigger then the one they had in the 90's, and even though having one singles title work then it doesn't mean it will work now.

I also feel that I should mention that this Unification idea is in know way set in stone because for those who don't know, plans in WWE change weekly and sometimes even daily. With that being said it is very likely that as we draw closer to Elimination Chamber plans would become clearer and more set in stone then they are now.