As of this writing rumors are out there that AMC Networks was interested in purchasing a controlling interest in WWE. However, most employees don't think that Vince would sell it got them thinking who would take over the company if something were to happen to Vince or when Vince retires. The likely answer is he gives it to Triple H and Stephanie but it seems as though Stephanie has taken a step back in the executive aspects of the WWE. Also even though Triple H has a vast knowledge of the wrestling business he really doesn't have a clue about the business side of running the company which is knowledge the CEO need to have. 


That really takes out both Triple H and Stephanie as being the sole owners of the company, and any high ranking executive in WWE knows about the business side but hasn't got a clue about the wrestling business. Also some aren't even familiar with the modern media landscape which in a company like WWE is important. 


I think that as long as Vince has the time he will picked who will take over the WWE and teach them all he knows to help them do the best job they can do without Vince. Also I don't see Vince retiring or staying retired for that matter if he doesn't think the person that took over would succeed. That's just what I think I love to hear what you guys think.