For those who are unaware the business website  posted an article regarding John Cena's victory at Money in the Bank, the title of the article read: Is Making John Cena WWE Champion What is Really Best for Business.  They go on to make mention of certain points regarding both the WWE's past and present business practices since Vince lost 350 million dollars in one day back a couple of months ago. Below are a few excerpts from the article since it's not about my opinion I will let the article speak for itself:

"I first pulled WWE’s quarterly revenue figures, but was quickly reminded that it’s difficult to locate meaningful trends for a business that often revolves around a single, annual event. More to the point, WrestleMania accounts for a massive portion of annual revenue, which creates revenue spikes in the second quarter of each year. This trend in recent years is clearly illustrated below; the general pattern is skewed a bit in 2010 because WrestleMania fell in Q1 that year." (follow the link to the full article: (

Just for those who may not understand what is written above I will give a rough explaination of what it says. The excerpt is saying it's hard to determine specific trends of revenue increase and decrease for WWE because of how dependent they are on Wrestlemania on a yearly basis. Also the fact that Wrestlemania usually leads to a revenue spike because of the amount they take in for the 2nd Quarter. One other excerpt I wanted to include can be seen below: 

"As shown in the graph, over the last five years Cena has only been champion during one period of rising revenue, in late 2009. Since then he’s held the belt at length four different times, and during all of them WWE’s quarterly revenue has been on the decline. What’s more, the company’s income tends to rebound shortly after those title runs come to an end. Once again to view the graph mentioned above follow the link: (

And curiously enough, in-story COO Triple-H’s repetitive claims that Orton ought to be the face of the company appear to ring true. When Orton wears the championship belt, WWE’s revenues tend to climb. Then again, company performance was all over the place during CM Punk’s 434-day reign, and that may be the only proof we need that WWE’s in-ring champion doesn’t actually have much impact on the company’s revenue. To reiterate, this is obviously far from a scientific study."